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November 22, 2014

Obama backs direct role for US troops in Afghanistan for 2015

12:23 PM
President Obama has backed a more direct role for US troops in Afghanistan for at least another year, as war against Taliban insurgents has stretched into its 14th year.

Announcing a fresh policy during a talk at White House Rose Garden, Obama said US troops will have a much bigger role in the fight against Taliban and Al Qaeda remnants than before, ensuring presence of US military in the country for another year.

A war-struck Afghanistan is far from stable still after NATO and US forces have attempted to put an end to Taliban militancy.

President Obama apparently has made a shift in his previously-held position on the presence of US ground troops in Afghanistan, which was to see a phased draw-down of soldiers from 2014, but given how the Taliban have regained a foothold in lawless provinces across the country, the US mission will continue to fight terrorism and Al-Qaeda offshoots. 


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