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December 2, 2014

How To Spot If Your PC is Infected With Virus

Sometimes it happens that we see that our computers have started working slowly, this can be a sign that your pc has some virus. Here are some easy ways to spot if your computer has some virus or is infected with a malware.
Speed gets slow
If you are feeling that the speed of your computer is getting slower, then there can be two reasons for it. Either its window needs to be reinstalled, or have been corrupted due to a virus. In such a situation you should think of getting rid of the virus and install an antivirus immediately so that it is removed from the computer instantly.
Files are not opening
Are your computer files not opening? If it is so then this a possible sign of a virus. Make sure you think of getting rid of it. The best way is to minimize the use of internet and install powerful antivirus software. You should try your best to not go with cheap or free software, because most of them prove to be good for nothing.
Data isn’t protected
It is you who need to see if the files and sensitive data are protected or not. You have to see if the files are having some problem in your computer. If it so happens then a virus might be present which you need to deal with immediately.


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