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December 2, 2014

How To Unblock YouTube in Banned Countries

Youtube is blocked in Pakistan and some other Muslim countries since a long time. But sometimes it becomes really essential for us to unblock youtube and make use of it due to some business and professional reasons. If you are to unblock the youtube then here are the three easy ways for that.
Use proxy
The world of internet is no short of proxies. What these proxies do is that hide your ip address and allow you to get access to youtube. In this way, you can have speedy and unlimited access to this video tool. The proxy works like search engine, you just have to enter the address of youtube in it and click for it to get opened.
Install software
There are some software as well that allow you to unblock youtube. You can search for any of such software online and start downloading it. You just have to make sure that the software does not accompany any virus.
Change your ip address
A number of software are available to help you change the ip address. One of them is easyiphide. This can be accessed online and you will be able to open youtube by changing the ip into any other country where youtube is accessible.


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