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July 5, 2015

Norway free education: State colleges and universities

Norway is an ideal place for international students seeking to get quality education. One of the reasons Norway has always lured international students is simple: the education system in Norway is pretty good. Typically, government-run colleges and state universities do not demand tuition fees and the offer includes both native and foreign students. The taxpayers' money is used to finance education and the system has capacity to accommodate future students.  

Private colleges and universities

Free education in Norway does not mean private colleges and institutions also should be your choice as they demand fees.. Another thing that you should keep in mind that there are a number of certain courses at state-run colleges and universities that involve tuition fees. You had better check with that particular college whether the course you want to take up is fee-based or free. The recent trend among Norwegian might give you a different picture of education in Norway as private colleges and institutes have cropped up in large numbers in just about every city and students think they get better education there due to hard-working staff that is more result-oriented than state-run colleges and universities. But this is one aspect. State colleges still do a better job in my opinion. 

Living Expenses vs study expenses 

Generally speaking, Living in Norway may cost you more than living in any other European country. You roughly need around Euro 1200 per month to meet basic expenses. Basic expenses (subsistence) means accommodation, travelling, food and basic health care.


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