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July 5, 2015

Why fake college degrees and diploma mills continue to operate

Wow, the Internet has made it extremely easy to sell fake college diplomas and degrees. With just one click, you can dupe an unsuspecting student into buying a piece of paper that only belongs in the trash-bin. But no, still there are hundreds of students who end up getting trapped by these diploma selling websites. Why?

The business of counterfeit college certificates and diplomas is very old. Two factors make it possible for this evil business to keep operating. 

Firstly: Demand is always high. Students sometimes find it hard to complete their course at college for a number of reasons, and the need to get a job forces them to buy these diplomas. 
Secondly: Supply is intact. Diploma-selling mills follow a very viable business model that costs little and hiding behind computer screens makes it easy to fool students into buying an unaccredited diploma. E-commerce opportunities make it possible for them to keep running their businesses despite many countries are now looking to bust online unaccredited colleges. 


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